July 2015
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Fairland Classic 2015

University of Maryland
Cole Student Activities Building

March 28 – 29, 2015
College Park, MD

GymCats Invitational

January 17th-18th

Flip Over Gymnastics
M-BC Parks & Recreation
2000 Recreation Center
273 Woodbury Avenue, Martinsburg, WV 25404

Saturday Sunday
S2 – 3:30pm Tr DMT Tu S3 – 8:00am Tr DMT Tu S4 – 12:30pm Tr DMT Tu
Alexis 7 Alaina 7 Imaad 7
Samara 6 Kaitlyn 7 Shannon 7
Emma 5 5 Frances 5 Emily 6 6
Eva 5 5 Evelyn 6 6 3 Macie 5 5 5
Mia 5 5 3 Megan 6 6 Korey 7 6
Kaleb 7 7 Mackenzie 6 6
Lisa 6 6

Good Luck Alex!

Alex B. (also known as Alejandro) will head to the Olympic Training Site in Huntsville, Texas later next week for the Elite Development Program (EDP) International Exchange Camp and Competition.  Alex is one of three 13-14 year old boys selected for the  2015 EDP Trampoline Team.  Fairland’s other EDP team member, Lindsay, will not be able to attend as she is recovering from an injury.  For more information on the Elite Development Program, go to www.usagym.org.  Go Alex!  Good Luck and have fun!  We’re cheering for you!!!

alejandro    edp

Team USA / Jessica wins GOLD!

Yesterday was day 3 of the World Age Group Competition and included synchro for the 13-14 age group.  Jessica and Ginger (ETA) performed a solid routine in the qualification round to earn them a third place finish and a spot in finals competition.  All 8 finalists completed their routines with no interruptions.  Jessica and Ginger stayed strong and did even better in finals and won the GOLD medal!  They had the highest difficulty of all 13-14 women.  Congratulations Jessica!  Awesome competition:  Individual trampoline finalist and synchro gold medalist.  You represented the US and Fairland well!  We are so proud of you!


Congratulations Jessica!

photo (23)
Jessica competed this afternoon in the 23rd World Age Group Competition in Daytona Beach, FL.  Jessica completed 2 awesome routines in qualifications-scoring a new personal best and qualifying for finals competition!  This evening she competed in finals and unfortunately fell mid-way through her routine (yes, she is ok) finishing in 8th place.  Jessica is the top USA finisher in the 13-14 age division!  What a great experience for her first time competing in the World Age Group Competition!  We are proud of you!  Tomorrow afternoon, Jessica will pair up with Ginger (ETA) to compete in synchro.  Good luck Jessica and Go Team USA!


Good Luck Jessica and Go Team USA!



Jessica heads to Florida this week to represent the United States in 13-14 year old girls trampoline at the World Age Group Competition in Daytona Beach, Florida.  52 girls from 22 countries will be competing in individual trampoline in the 13-14 year old girls division.  Jessica will pair up with Ginger (ETA) for 13-14 year old girls synchronized trampoline.  For more information, go to www.ttworlds.com.  Good luck Jessica and go Team USA ! ! !

2014 / 2015 Season Opener

Samara, Neomie P., Korey, and Grant competed in the Season Opener Welcome Back Invitational this past Sunday at Skyview in Mount Airy, MD.  Samara won level 5 trampoline and double mini.  Grant tied for first place in level 5 double mini.  Korey won level 6 trampoline and double mini, and Neomie P won level 7 trampoline and placed 3rd in level 7 double mini.  Great job!  Way to start the season!

Welcome Back Invitational

Sunday, November 2

Back Acre Drive, Mount Airy, MD

Session 1 – 8:30am
Samara A. > Tr.5/5 DMT.5

Session 2 – 10:30am
Neopmie P. > Tr.7/7, DMT.7
Grant S. > DMT.5/5

Session 3 – 1:00pm
Korey L. > Tr.6/6 DMT.6

Team Bonding . . .Scary


imgres                                image1                              ghost

The level 10s and elites were scared this past weekend.  For once, their fright was not because of skills, drills, or the thought of conditioning!  Our 10s and elites took some time to have a little fun outside the gym at Kings Dominion Halloween Haunt.  A great time was had by all.  Lots of laughs, screams, and memories (and no, not everyone was scared)!  Those participating were:  Giselle, Ivanna, Wolfgang, Kelsey, Jessica, Lily, Jasmine, Miles, Alex B., Alex C., and, Konstantin.  

2015 Elite Development Program Team Announced



Congratulations Alex B. And Lindsay for making the 2015 Elite Development Program (EDP) Team for 13-14 year old boys/girls trampoline.  All EDP Team members will participate in an International Training Exchange camp at the Olympic Training Site in Huntsville, TX in January.  Congratulations Alex and Lindsay!  We are proud of you!