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Slavic Games conclude

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Welcome home Fairland athletes and coaches!  The Slavic Games provided so many learning experiences for our athletes:  food, money, language, (big) time change, hotels that still use actual keys (not cards), underground tunnels/walkways, bus tour, museum:  so many stories—such exhausted kids!  More importantly, our athletes gained so much experience and learned a lot from competing in an international competition as well as being able to watch the finals competition of the World Cup.

We are very proud of all 5 athletes (Sean, Lindsay, Lily, Jessica, and Delilah).  Fairland brought home 3 medals!  Sean paired up with Andrew from T&T Express to win the silver medal in Senior men’s synchro.  Jessica won the bronze medal in individual trampoline (13-14 girls).  Delilah paired up with Sophia from T&T Express to win the bronze medal in Senior women’s synchro.

Slavic Games Update

After the long flight to Belarus Tuesday night / Wednesday morning, Fairland athletes wasted no time getting into their competition groove.  Even though they arrived in Belarus Wednesday morning, they had a light training session Wednesday afternoon.  Thursday started off with a morning training session and Qualification (preliminary) competition began Thursday evening.  All Qualification rounds finished today (Friday), and finals competition will be Saturday.  Congratulations to all our athletes.  We are proud of you!  Results from the Qualification Round are:

Individual Trampoline:

  • Jessica (13-14 girls)  2nd place  — going to finals
  • Delillah (Senior Women) 3rd place – going to finals
  • Lily (15-16 girls) 18th place
  • Sean (15-16 boys) 12th place
  • Lindsay (13-14 girls) 16th place


  • Jessica and Lindsay (13-14 girls) 2nd place – going to finals
  • Delilah and Sophia(T&T Express) (Senior Women) 3rd place — going to finals
  • Sean and Andrew (T&T Express)  (Senior Men) – 6th place – going to finals

Finals competition is tomorrow.  Good Luck!  Go Fairland!  We are cheering for you!!!

Belarus . . here we come

Good luck to our trampoline team members who are on their way to the 2014 Slavic Games Open in Minsk, Belarus!  The competition will be Thursday – Saturday.   Good luck, have fun, and safe travels!  The athletes that are competing are:

Jessica 13-14 girls TR and SY

Lindsay 13-14 girls TR and SY

Lily 15-16 girls TR

Sean 15-16 boys TR and Senior SY

Delilah Senior TR and SY


USA Gymnastics Championships Wrap-up

Today was the last day of the USA Gymnastics Championships.  It was a fun-filled and exciting day.  Our Regional All-Stars started the day with Region 6 winning both trampoline and tumbling!  Region 6 also finished 2nd place overall!  Congratulations Stephanie (TU), Sean (TR), Lily (TR), and Delilah ( DMT)!

After switching venues, our Junior and Open Elites competed in finals.  Both of our juniors moved up places from preliminaries.  Noah moved from 5th to 4th.  Jessica moved from 4th place to 2nd!  Fairland’s open elites continued success with Delilah winning the gold medal and Kelsey the silver medal!  Giselle held on to maintain her 5th place standing.

Ivanna kept Fairland’s spirits high as she qualified from the semi-final round to finals competition, finishing in 4th place.  Deana withdrew from the semi-finals round to let her knee recover from yesterday’s fall.

Konstantin was awarded USA Gymnastics Service Star Award for volunteering above and beyond the call of duty / expectations.

After the awards ceremony, USAG announced the 2014 / 2015 US National Team.  Fairland is extremely proud to have 2 National Team members.  Jessica was named to the US Junior National Trampoline Team!!!  Deana was named to the US Senior National Trampoline Team!!!  Congratulations Jessica and Deana!  Way to close out the 2014 USA Gymnastics Championships!

Awesome competition Fairland!   We are so proud of all of you!

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Final tally:

Gold Silver Bronze
Jessica – DMT Alex B. DMT Jasmine DMT
Kelsey/Delilah – SY Megan TR Alex JJ DMT
Deana/Ivanna – SY Sean DMT Alex B. TR
Delilah – TR Eli/Alex JJ SY  
Kelsey -TR  

Other Podium / Finals finishes

  • Stephanie – 4th TU
  • Jessica – 5th TU
  • Lindsay – 6th TR
  • Eli – 6th TR
  • Sean – 7th TR
  • Geligne – 8th TR
  • Eli – 9th DMT
  • Noah – 4th TR
  • Ivanna -4th TR
  • Giselle -5th TR

USA Gymnastics Championships – Friday recap

After 3 long days of competition, Fairland had a morning free of competition.  It gave our athletes and coaches a short, but welcomed break to sleep in, relax, sight-see, and catch up on life!

Eli and Alex (JJ) started the afternoon with a silver medal in lvl 9, 15-16 boys synchro, and Kelsey and Delilah finished the afternoon with the gold medal in open elite synchro.

This evening kicked off individual trampoline for the senior elites.  Deana gave us a scare with her fall, but we were all happy to see her up and walking shortly afterwards.  It was great seeing Wolfgang back out on the competition floor.  Congratulations to Ivanna and Deana for qualifying for the semi-finals competition!

Tomorrow will be another busy day for Fairland.  The day starts early with Jessica participating in the ODP/EDP demonstration.  Our four Regional All-Stars (Stephanie, Delilah, Lily, and Sean) will compete in the Regional All-Star Competition at 1:00 pm in the Kentucky International Convention Center.  Junior and Open Elite finals are shortly thereafter in the KFC YUM! Center.  The competition concludes tomorrow night with Senior Elite Semi-finals and Finals.  Check out the live webcast at

photo (14)   IMG_6875  photo (13)

USA Gymnastics Championships Live Broadcast

  • Don’t miss out on any of the action happening in Louisville.  Events are being broadcast live at
  • Competition start lists and results can be found on the USAG competition website
  • Good Luck to all our athletes competing today!   Go Fairland!



USA Gymnastics Championships -Thursday Recap

Today was an action packed day in Louisville!  Jessica started off the day winning the gold medal in lvl 9, 13-14 girls DMT.  Sean followed with a silver medal in lvl 9, 15+ boys DMT.  Jasmine kept the ball rolling with a bronze medal in lvl 9, 15+ girls DMT, and Alex (B.) continued to up the medal count with a bronze medal in lvl 9, 13-14 boys TR.

Stephanie placed 4th in lvl 10, 17+ girls TU.  Jessica placed 5th in lvl 9, 13-14 girls TU.  Lindsay placed 6th in lvl 10, 13-14 girls TR.   Eli placed 6th in lvl 9 15+ boys TR.  Sean placed 7th in lvl 10, 15-16 boys TR.  Eli finished 9th in lvl 9 15+ boys DMT.

The afternoon kicked off elite trampoline competition in the KFC YUM! Center.  Fairland had a great day with all five Junior and Open elites qualifying for finals competition!  Great job Noah, Jessica, Kelsey, Delilah, and Giselle!

Deana and Ivanna finished the day with not one or two, but three fabulous synchro routines for the gold medal in Senior Women’s Synchro!  Awesome job!

Tomorrow is open elite and level 9 synchro and senior elite individual TR prelims!  Go Fairland!

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USA Gymnastics Championships – Wednesday recap

Congratulations to Alex (B.) for winning the silver medal in level 8, 13-14 boys DMT.  A special congratulations to the following athletes who qualified for finals competition on Thursday:

  •  Alex (B.)  -TR, lvl 9, 13-14 boys
  • Stephanie -TU, lvl 10, 17+ girls
  • Lindsay -TR,  lvl 10,  13-14 girls
  • Jessica – DMT, lvl 9, 13-14 girls
  • Eli -TR, lvl 9, 15-16 boys
  • Sean – TR, lvl 10, 15-16 boys

Also competing today: Jasmine – TU, Megan and Geligne – DMT, Lily and Alex (JJ) - TR.  Full results are on the USAG website.

Tomorrow will be a very busy and exciting day.  Fairland has 10 athletes competing in finals!  Good luck to all our athletes competing in finals as well as all our elites as they start trampoline competition tomorrow afternoon and evening in the  KFC YUM! Center.

20140717_210851 DSC_4490

USA Gymnastics Nationals – Tuesday recap

Today was the first day of competition for our athletes who are at Nationals in Louisville, KY. Congratulations to Megan who won the silver medal in level 8 TR (13-14 girls), Alex(JJ) who won the bronze medal in level 8 DMT (15+ boys), and Geligne who placed 8th in Level 8 TR (13-14 girls).  A special congratulations to the following athletes who qualified for finals competition on Thursday:
Jasmine – DMT lvl 9, 15+ girls
Jessica – TU lvl 9, 13-14 girls
Sean – DMT lvl 9, 15+ boys
Eli – DMT lvl 9, 15+ boys
Also competing today: Giselle, Stephanie, Kelsey, Delilah, and Lily in DMT and Jasmine in trampoline. Lots of great routines and high level competition.  Complete results are posted on the USAG website. Good luck to all our athletes on Day 2!
IMG_2456 DSC_4495

National Championships (Schedule)


Congratulations to all Fairland athletes who made it to National Championships. As all of you know, Nationals will be held in Louisville, KY. If you read through this post, you will be able to find a detailed schedule for each athlete. The letter A or B in each column refers to which set of equipment athlete is competing, ie. Trampoline #A or Trampoline #B. At Nationals there will be two sets of Trampolines, two Double-Mini Trampolines, and two Tumbling strips. You need to arrive at the competition arena 5 minutes before your training time or warm-up and 45 minutes before your flight that is listed on my detailed schedule. If you are in the first flight you need to be there 30 minutes before the session start time.

Please review the schedule that I prepared and compare it with the start lists on the USAG website. If you notice any discrepancies, please let me know right away. Athletes will need passes to enter the convention center during competition sessions. I will distribute athlete passes during the training session.

All athletes must be in full warmups when in staging.

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